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Compassion | Definition of Compassion by Merriam-Webster

pity, compassion, commiseration, condolence, sympathy mean the act or capacity for sharing the painful feelings of another. pity implies tender or sometimes slightly contemptuous sorrow for one in misery or distress.. felt pity for the captives; compassion implies pity coupled with an urgent desire to aid or to spare.. treats the homeless with great compassion

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Compassion definition, a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. See more.

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Compassion – definition of compassion by The Free …

a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering; mercy.

Compassion Definition | What Is Compassion | Greater …

Aug 17, 2018 · Compassion literally means “to suffer together.” Among emotion researchers, it is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. Compassion is not the same as empathy or altruism, though the concepts are related. While empathy refers more …

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Compassion Quotes (2650 quotes)

2650 quotes have been tagged as compassion: John Green: ‘The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.’, Plato: ‘Be kind, for everyone yo

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Synonyms for compassion at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for compassion.

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Compassion Definition and Meaning – Bible Dictionary

What is Compassion? Definition and meaning:COMPASSION kom-pash’-un: Compassion is the translation of racham, ’to love,’ ’pity,’ ’be merciful’ (Deuterono.