Ergonomic Test of the Kinesis Keyboard


Ergonomic Test of the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard

KB101 keyboard with an angle of 5 degrees, a key field angle of 8 degrees, and a home row height of 30 mm with no palm rest; the test keyboard was the Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard Model 100.

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Embedded numeric keypad Reduces keyboard width for closer mouse position. YES (PC version only) DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2. DXT Wireless Mouse 2. DXT Wireless Mouse 2 Refurbished. Evoluent Vertical Mice. All products purchased directly from Kinesis qualify for a 60 day money-back guarantee, excluding special order and Deals …

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Product was shipped the day I ordered it, and arrived packed well and with all instructions and accessories. The scooped part of the keyboard is a little hard to get used to (my other ergo keyboard was a ”tented” split design, so i spent a …

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard Review

A normal keyboard often forces pronation, which, in this case, refers to the twisting of the hand inward (e.g. the right hand twisted clockwise). Another postural malady this keyboard fixes is ulnar flexion, in which the hand is bent horizontally outward at the wrist.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Review – All Things Ergonomic

Like a laptop keyboard, the Advantage does have a ten-key pattern on the right section of letter keys, which can be activated with the “keypad” button at the top right. The layout of the Kinesis Advantage allows it to offer some pretty unique ergonomic benefits.

Long-Term Review: The Kinesis Advantage 2 Ergonomic

Like all ergonomic keyboards, the Kinesis will do you absolutely no good if you don’t touch type. Ergonomic keyboards enable you to type without pain and with greatly diminished effort, but you have to learn how to use them. Two finger-pecking at a split keyboard with your wrists fully bent, hammering your fingers into the keys with your keyboard resting …

Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Goldtouch Keyboard vs. Kinesis

Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Goldtouch Keyboard vs. Kinesis 2 Posted by Will Moore on Jul 6th 2012 Way back in the Aughts, Human Solution gave you the rundown on the differences between the Goldtouch V2 and Kinesis Freestyle keyboards called …