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The parlor guitar has a standard nut width: While most travel guitars, including the Taylor GS Mini, have a smaller nut width (1 11/16″), most parlor guitars maintain a standard nut width of 1 3/4″. Not all travel guitars have a smaller nut width but most of them do.

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ANTIQUE PARLOR GUITAR. remind of Bruno. ### ONLY FOR PROJECT / REPAIR ###. So, you can’t get a more ambitious project. size, frets, inlays, and tailpiece shape.

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Parlor guitars rose to popularity starting in the late 18th century, and became a widespread phenomenon until the 1950s. Though demand for parlor guitars has fallen, it’s currently experiencing a renaissance — get in on the action with a vintage or new parlor guitar from companies like Martin, Washburn, Gibson, and Collings.

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Washburn Parlor Guitar (1894) Washburn ”New Model” (1896) Parlor or parlour guitar usually refers to a type of acoustic guitar smaller than a Size No.0 Concert Guitar by C. F. Martin & Company .

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As for neck specifications, the scale length is 3/4 smaller than regular acoustics at 23.3″, and it has a nutwidth of 1.69″. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret, completing the simple yet eye pleasing look of the guitar. This parlor guitar from Fender is well worth considering for those with limited budget.

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Or how about the Gretsch Guitars Jim Dany Flat Top Acoustic Guitar: a faithful re-creation of the Gretsch ”Rex” parlor guitars from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Parlor acoustic guitars … parlor guitar

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From the late 1800’s right through to the 1950’s, parlor guitars were astoundingly popular. With their remarkable midrange tone, compact size and easy playability, parlor guitars were greatly favored by women, as well as blues and jazz players.