Passcode Requirement iPhone bug says to change password

Passcode Requirement iPhone bug says to change password

Have you gotten the message ”Passcode Requirement: You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes” on your iPhone? You’re not alone.

Passcode Requirement iPhone bug says to change password

A strange iPhone bug is asking people to change their passcode within 60 minutes

”You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within …

Mar 30, 2016 · ”You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 37 minutes.” Discussion in ’iOS 9’ started by Goaliegeek, Mar 25, 2016.

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[SOLVED] Random Popup: Passcode Requirement – iPhone

May 20, 2017 · ”Passcode Requirement: You must change your passcode unlock passcode within 60 minutes” I tried to ignore it and tried resetting, but it forced me to change my unlock passcode when 60 minutes where up. I own this iPhone and it isn’t controlled by a company who would force passcode changes.

Strange iPhone passcode popup: scam or legit? – WCPO

Strange iPhone passcode popup: scam or legit? It said ”Passcode Requirement: you must change your iPhone unlock ”Three or four days later the same box came up and told me to change my

Change iPhone Unlock Passcode Within 60 Minutes Prompt

Tap on Continue and type your current unlock code.Next, you’re asked, by default, to enter a 6-digit Passcode. Comply an hit Continue. Re-enter your new Passcode to confirm it and that’s it. If you don’t want to stick with a 6-digit unlock code, browse to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode, enter your current password an scroll for Change Passcode .

iphone – Is the message ”You must change your passcode

A few minutes ago, after unlocking my phone (iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.1) I got a dialog over the home screen: Passcode Requirement. You must change your passcode within 60 minutes. and it offered to let me do so. I canceled. I’ve never seen this dialog before and I am worried it may be a sign of malware fishing for my passcode.

This message is the case when either: Your device is enrolled under MDM and after deployment it will display something like image below.( ) Your passcode is too obvious and needs to be changed Microsoft Exchange can force a passcode on your iPhone. Obvious codes start with the following numbers: 196* 197* 198* 199* 200* 201* But also include: 1234 0000 (or any 4 same number combination) 0001 or 0010 or 0100 or 1000 (or any number with this pattern) 1379 2580 2468Best answer · 22Go to Settings app > General > Profiles Delete any configuration profile that you don’t want to keep, then delete any that control passcode. If Profiles is not near the end of the list (below VPN and above Reset >) then you may have no profiles and can continue to the next step. Next, go to Settings app -> Passcode enter your passcode, turn passcode off, then set it up again Lastly, Exchange servers can institute a passcode requirement, so you might disable any Exchange mail accounts – temporarily removing them from the device to see if the Exchange server was sending the message or setting any requirements. I don’t know if this sets a profile or not, but will edit things if I can find a reference to how this works in practice. You can choose your same pin again, but the OS will likely want to keep reminding you that a change is required until you clear the ”warning”. Enough people have reported that just ”changing” the passcode doesn’t work that something must be up. If you have jailbroken the device, I might consider rolling back to a stock iOS for a bit and choosing an entirely more complicated passphrase for a while just in case it is some phishing attempt. Just because this is considered to be very unlikely doesn’t make it impossible.13I had this problem tonight too. I ”bit” before I thought it being malware, but it doesn’t seem to have been malware. I changed my PIN and the phone reset, then the new PIN worked. BUT the phone immediately asked for me to change the PIN again now I was thinking Malware. I kept changing the PIN and it kept asking me to do it again. I used the tip earlier in this thread about too simple of a PIN and tried a 9 digit PIN and that worked, the message didn’t return. Funny thing is that after, I was able to go into settings and set the PIN back to the 4 digit PIN that I had originally, no further messages. yet.3

Use a passcode with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Require Passcode: By default with this setting, as soon as you lock your screen, you need to enter your passcode to unlock. If you don’t want an immediate passcode requirement, change this setting. (For your security, if you use Touch ID or Apple Pay, you can’t change the immediate passcode requirement).

”Passcode Requriement” Pops on iPhone and How to …

”Passcode Requriement” Pops on iPhone and How to Fix It Apple is considered as one of the most trusted smartphone manufacturer brands. It makes passcode requirement for iPhones mandatory to keep the data stored on the iPhone safe and secure.

My iPhone just said I have to change the password in …

iPhone My iPhone just said I have to change the password in 58 minutes . submitted 3 years ago * by One theory from this site says it could mean that my passcode is too obvious. I do have a pretty simple code But with 4 digits, you can’t be too complex when I looked into it it just turned out to be a random bug. The feature is there