Sorry, Apple Watch owners, no Snapchat app is on the way

Sorry, Apple Watch owners, no Snapchat app is on the way

Asked whether a Snapchat app for Apple Watch would be released in the near future, Spiegel revealed he’s not too keen on the device’s tiny screen. “We ended up waiting to do Snapchat on the watch,” Spiegel said.

Don’t Hold Your Breath For The Apple Watch Snapchat App

May 26, 2015 · Facebook doesn’t have an Apple Watch app, but Instagram, which it owns, does. Snapchat, which now has 330 employees, has risen meteorically since we first covered it in 2012 and has robustly bolstered its product offerings in the past 18 months: Launching stories, chat, live video and discovery.

Will Snapchat offer a version of the app for Apple Watch

But if Snapchat makes a shift toward becoming a more video-centric app, it would most likely kill any chance of seeing an Apple Watch version of the messaging app. Besides Snapchat, Facebook also has yet to push out an Apple Watch version.

Snapchat remote for Apple Watch : AppleWatch – reddit

Open Snapchat on your iPhone. Launch into the main (camera) view. Swipe up on the Apple Watch face into the music glance. Finally turn the Digital

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