Spitzer, Prostitution, And Moral Wrongs

Spitzer, Prostitution, And Moral Wrongs | The New …

The Spitzer scandal has brought forth some articles like this very good one from Emily Bazelon on whether prostitution should be illegal. Meanwhile, Matt Yglesias opines:Whenever a politician gets

Prostitution is a matter of moral practicality – Telegraph

Eliot Spitzer’s personal morality – if some of the content of morality is moral courage, the ability to do what is right – is contemptible, says Sam Leith.

The Meanings of Spitzer’s Apology | Philosophy Talk

Nick Smith, J.D. and Ph.D., author of I Was Wrong: The Meanings of Apologies but casting the offense in this way suggests that he may deny the prostitution-related charges and instead cast the sexual relations as an affair but not a crime. Such intentions can drain an apology of much of its moral value. Spitzer also helps himself …

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Share your views on prostitution and its moral implications, if you believe there are any. Find out what your peers believe. Is prostitution morally wrong? 46% Say Yes 54% Say No Prostitution is just downright gross I think that prostitution is morally wrong and should be erraticated from society for several different reasons.

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Morality and Spitzer. Share. eye on the news Morality and Spitzer The governor’s fall is not an argument for de-moralizing social policy. herself demonstrates when she argues that “if Spitzer wanted to dedicate some of his apparently endless stock of moral outrage to prostitution, he would have done better to crusade for health and

Weiner made a dumb mistake, but Spitzer’s a hypocrite …

Eliot Spitzer is a hypocrite. We now have two men running for the city’s top two jobs who have been tainted by sex scandals. stiffer prostitution laws. So I have no moral …

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Mar 10, 2008 · N.Y. / Region | Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring. Search. “I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong,” said Mr

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Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Business Ethics. Posted March 14, 2008 So, in addition to a personal infidelity, it seems fair to say that Spitzer has committed the moral wrong of violating his country’s laws. prostitution itself is technically legal, but solicitation for the purposes of prostitution is not.) There’s good fodder here for

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Why Power and Prostitution Go Together hold leaders to higher moral standards than they would their fellow How could anything go wrong for me?” (Spitzer won the gubernatorial election in a

Spitzer accuser was a $5K-a-night hooker who lives life …

The Russian vixen who accused Eliot Spitzer of choking her at The Plaza hotel is a divorced, globe-trotting beauty who once bared all the dirty details of her life as a $5,000-a-night hooker, The