Whale meat reportedly from a blue whale

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Whale meat reportedly from a blue whale. Updated July 12, 2018 17:11:43 Whale meat that Sea Shepherd say is from an endangered blue whale.

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Yet exporting blue whale meat (and fin whale meat) would be illegal under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international agreement that protects endangered animals and plants.

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As a rare blue and fin whale hybrid, it would have made an awesome sight rising through the waves. But, as these shocking images show, the determination of one Icelandic whaler to kill it for profit meant its body has now been hacked to pieces.

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Whale meat, broadly speaking, may include all cetaceans (whales, dolphions, porpoises) and all parts of the animal: muscle (meat), organs , and fat . There is In the past when blue whale hunting was still conducted by all nations, its tail fin was served in Japan.

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Possible rare blue whale killed off the coast of Iceland

According to BBC News, if the whale is a real blue whale, they can’t ship the meat out of the country or sell it legally period. They also report that if one of the whale’s parents was a blue whale, then Japan can’t purchase the meat legally. The only way the whalers would be able to be in the all clear and make some money would be if it was a hybrid and its …

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Whaling company Hvalur hf, which reportedly killed the whale, is allowed to hunt fin whales legally in Iceland. Photos of the whale provided by Icelandic-based anti-whaling group Hard to Port showed the large animal being towed into a port and crew members standing alongside it.

DNA test shows slaughtered blue whale is a hybrid, …

A hybrid whale is the offspring of parents of two different species. In this case it is suggested that the whale was a mix of a fin whale father and blue whale mother. Although hybrids are extremely rare, five have been killed in Iceland since 1983.

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Id: 9726 – Blue Whale Meat. A cooking ingredient that can be collected from whales.- How to Obtain: It can be obtained by butchering a whale corpse. Fresh meat of a Blue Whale. It is a very rare and precious ingredient used for Alchemy and Cooking. ※ Steamed Whale Meat (Cooking Lv. 21 and above).

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Blue whales are rorquals (family Balaenopteridae), a family that includes the humpback whale, the fin whale, Bryde’s whale, the sei whale, and the minke whale. The family Balaenopteridae is believed to have diverged from the other families of the suborder Mysticeti as long ago as the middle Oligocene (28 Ma ago).

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Rare ’blue whale hybrid’ is hauled up on the deck of an

Icelandic whalers are facing criticism after slaying a rare blue whale hybrid, just weeks after harpooning a pregnant crossbreed female by mistake. Video footage showing a large whale being hauled up onto a whaling station and carved into by whalers was captured by a marine conservation charity last week.