Why the Chinese are beating up and even killing their doctors

Why the Chinese are beating up and even killing their

SHANGHAI – In most countries, proud parents are delighted when a son or daughter decides to become a doctor when they grow up. In China, such a choice is now a source of parental trepidation: medical professionals are increasingly being threatened, humiliated, attacked and occasionally murdered by their disgruntled patients.

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A week before, in the city of Nanjing, Jiangsu province, a married pair of government officials were filmed beating a nurse with an umbrella until she lay motionless on the hospital floor. They were reportedly furious that their daughter, a patient, was being forced to share a room with a male.

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Why Are Chinese Patients Killing Their Doctors? The root cause of these tragedies may correlate with the surprisingly low opinion many Chinese have of doctors – considered among the most

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Oct 24, 2013 · China plans to beef up security in its hospitals to prevent doctors and nurses dying in attacks by relatives of patients.

Why Are Chinese Patients Killing Their Doctors?

Nov 09, 2013 · Why Are Chinese Patients Killing Their Doctors? Medical professionals across China are increasingly becoming victims of physical violence at the hands of disgruntled patients.

Why Are Chinese Patients Violently Attacking Their Doctors

Officials declare proudly that ninety-five per cent of the Chinese population now has some form of basic medical insurance, up from thirty per cent in 2003, but, over the same period, the cost of medical care has risen, so that, in practice, many patients are paying as much as they were before.

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Jul 16, 2018 · Anything to help or doctors perform their jobs more accurately and efficiently is good in my book. Even came up with better treatments as well. mullet, Jul 15, 2018. mullet, Jul 15, Not sure why do you wrote CHINESE in caps. AIs beating human doctors in image diagnostics is nothing new, the more complex the image, the …

A Danger for Doctors in China: Patients’ Angry Relatives

May 19, 2016 · The initial reports gave conflicting details, but presented the same general story — family members of a victim of a traffic accident waiting to be treated started demanding treatment, and when Dr. Wang told them to wait their turn, they attacked him. Some reports said the patient was a child.

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Sixth: Set up a medical board and hold doctors accountable. If a doctor take a hongbao, prescribes unneeded medicine or treatment, gives bad care when a hongbao is not given, or has medical malpractice, there should be a medical board that deals with ethics and competence, and can revoke the licenses of doctors who engage in unprofessional …

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